AI knows 103 different sex positions but doesn’t have a partner

So what are we to be in this new AI world?

The human in the loop? Co-pilot rather than auto-pilot?

The future of work for a great many will be different because of AI, but philosophically how should we approach the difference?

I was at an FT conference on the subject recently and there was a lot of chat that broadly divides as “embrace/reject.”

Reject did not look like it had a future – standing in front of AI with a red flag is how to get run over.

Embrace was more interesting.

The idea seemed to be that the genie was out of the IT Department's lamp.

Because writing great prompts and having brilliant ideas for using AI is not an IT skill.

It is a creative skill.

The winners will write the best questions to stimulate the best answers for what AI really is - let's all be honest - a gigantic correlation.

Human ingenuity, creativity and imagination are powerful forces.

And asking the best questions will be a winning formula.

(Search for the Midjourney images “Hogwarts Rave” if you do not believe me.)

So, here is a thought: do you know how the Google algorithm works? 

So, are you sure you know what you are worried about?

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